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Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Insists ‘Having a Vagina Does Not Make Me a Woman’

Blog note: I have to apologize. Unfortunately, I found this extremely comical. Putting aside  for a brief moment, the serious nature of rebellion against God’s design and plan for humans to either be male or female (as God created them in the womb. I found this to be utterly ridiculous and absurd, to the point of being comical. No, I am not trying to be mean spirited or being ‘hateful’ in my comments. My understanding of worldwide beauty pageants (I am no expert) is that each country is represented by someone who epitomizes not only outward beauty but also interior beauty, and the values of the country she represents. Yet, in this contest, a country decides that a ‘man’ is more beautiful than any other female in the entire country. If I was a woman (which I’m not), I would be extremely offended that my country chose a male to represent it instead of a ‘true’ female. This is trading right side up for upside down. Truth for a lie. Lightness for darkness. Male for female. Are we to assume that Spain values a castrated man on hormones as being more beautiful than any other natural woman in Spain. Yikes! End of note.

Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Insists ‘Having a Vagina Does Not Make Me a Woman’

17 Dec 2018. Breitbart.

Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, the first transgender contestant for the Miss Universe contest, claims she was a woman before having a vagina.

Ponce did not win Sunday’s Miss Universe contest — that honor went to the Philippines’ Catriona Gray — but the Spaniard made a splash, nonetheless.

In a video posted by Agence France-Presse, Ponce insisted that vaginas don’t make the woman.

“Having a vagina does not make me a woman. I am a woman and already was before my birth,” Ponce exclaimed. Pointing to her head and then her midsection. Ponce added, “Because my identity is here, not down there. This determines my being a woman.”

Ponce insists that being a woman is only a state of mind and not a matter of actual, physical attributes.

Despite these claims that being a woman is only in one’s mind, Ponce did complete the physical transformation into becoming a woman by completing a major sex change surgery in 2014, a Miss Universe bio page reports.

Even though Ponce did not come anywhere near winning the pageant, Miss Universe officials did produce a special feature for the transgender contestant in a segment entitled “a walk to remember.”

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