Gog/Magog Coalition Update

Two bad apples from the same rotten branch of worldwide evil energy dictators. One controls smelly sludge, the other vapor gold. Both burn.

MbS and Putin ‘having a nice laugh over a cup of tea’ at the G20 Summit. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall hearing what they are saying to each other, both in public and not in public. God knows.

There is a great video quickly circulating on the internet showing MbS and Vlad giving each other a ‘high five’. This takes place after most other world leaders shun MbS.

Interestingly, the ONLY support MbS is receiving at the G20 Summit is from Trump, Putin and Jinping. Why is that? More to come on that! These things … these great convergence of signs are starting happen so fast and so many, that I’m having hard time keeping up.

We are getting so very close. As you seen these things come to pass, know that your redemption draws nigh.

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