Gog/Magog Coalition Update

Saudi Aramco CEO says relationship with Russia to reach new heights … Connecting the prophetic dots or dominoes. (Ezekiel 38-39)

Blog note: I have blogged and written previously (extensively) about the ‘Gog/Magog’ war that is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. This is ONE of the most notable wars forecasted in the Bible. In a nutshell, Russia/Turkey/Iran (and a few other smaller countries) all converge and come against Israel. None, not one of Israel’s allies come to her aid or defense against the Gog/Magog Coalition. Currently, in the geo-political scheme of things, Saudi Arabia (and some Arab brethren) are friendly to Israel because most Arab countries stand with the Saudi’s against Iran. Israel also stands against Iran, since Iran is Israel’s greatest enemy and threat, by far. The enemy of my enemy is my friend sums up the relationship between Israel an Saudi Arabia. As goes Saudi Arabia, so goes most of its Arab neighbors. What does this possibly have do with the Saudi’s, Russia and Israel?

Since Mohammed Bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) has come on the scene, Saudi Arabia has made massive agreements with Russia/Putin regarding production of crude oil. Putin now has more influence in the Middle East, regarding crude oil production, than any other world leader. Putin has even crowned himself “Energy Czar” of the world. As such, Putin has gone to great lengths to secure deals and agreements with the Saudis. Russia/Putin is also the NUMBER ONE supplier of natural gas to most European Countries. Russia’s natural gas production capacity is almost tapped out and at full capacity (production-wise). Russia does not have more access to additional natural gas supplies. Or does it?

In Ezekiel 38-39 there is a verse describing that as the Gog/Magog coalition comes against Israel, countries that are interpreted to be the United States and Saudi Arabia are described as not coming to Israel’s aid in her defense. Instead, they vocally criticize against Russia and insinuate (or question) why Russia is coming against Israel. Both the United States, Saudi Arabia (and perhaps Britain, U.K.) suggest that Russia has come against Israel to ‘take a great spoil’. What is the great spoil in question? Natural Gas. Within the past several years, Israel has found MASSIVE amounts of natural gas in its territory. It is estimated that these natural gas fields could be among the largest on earth.

Let’s start connecting the dominoes or prophetic dots.

  1. Saudi Arabia (Mohammed Bin Salman) has major oil producing agreements and commitments with Russia/Putin.
  2. Putin is the self-proclaimed “Energy Czar” of the world.
  3. Russia/Putin is the number one supplier of natural gas to Europe.
  4. Russia/Putin has no more access to additional natural gas supplies.
  5. Russia’s economy is not good. It is almost solely dependent on crude oil and natural gas.
  6. Russia/Putin is drawn to invade Israel to take said ‘great spoils’ (natural gas).
  7. Saudi Arabia, who is currently Israel’s friend, does not dare to come to Israel’s defense. Mohammed Bin Salman (Saudi Arabia) has a bromance with Russia/Putin because of crude oil deals. Saudi Arabia desperately needs to keep its oil (black gold) flowing to prop up its economy until Mohammed Bin Salman can get his country’s economy remade away from oil into high technology (vision 2030 plan and NEOM). For Saudi Arabia to come against Russia/Putin would be disastrous on so many levels. Saudi Arabia does not have the military muscles to war against Russia/Putin.  A military exercise against Russia would be doomed to massively fail. Russia’s retaliation against the Saudi’s regarding oil agreements would probably cause massive problems for the Saudi economy.
  8. All that Mohammed Bin Salman (the pending 8th King of Saudi Arabia) can do is stand by and watch as Russia/Putin (Iran, Turkey, et.al) come against Israel. All he can do is complain and suggest that Russia is invading Israel to steal/plunder her ‘great spoils’ (natural gas). Saudi Arabia and Mohammed Bin Salman is unable and unwilling to come to Israel’s defense. All that can be done is to complain or to condemn the invasion.

This article has prophetic overtones because it continues the narrative of how important the Saudi / Russian connection is regarding crude oil agreements and to keep the black gold flowing. INTERESTINGLY, the very last sentence in this article indicates the recent agreement between the Saudi’s and Russian/Putin regarding a NATURAL GAS project. Russian/Putin is doing everything possible to gain more access to natural gas. If the United States and Saudi Arabia are unable or unwilling to assist Israel, Israel’s natural gas fields would be considered easy pickings for Russia/Putin. End of note.

NOVEMBER 9, 2018. Reuters.

Saudi Aramco CEO says relationship with Russia to reach new heights … Connecting the prophetic dots or dominoes.

DUBAI (Reuters) – Oil producer Saudi Aramco’s Chief Executive Officer Amin Nasser said on Friday that the company’s relationship with Russia will grow as the two sides proceed with cooperation projects.

“Our ongoing strategic engagements and discussions with partners in Russia are taking our relationship to new heights,” he said at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Saudi Aramco Research Center for upstream technologies in Moscow.

The comments were reported in a company statement.

Russia’s RIA news agency earlier quoted Nasser as saying that he planned to discuss the purchase of a stake in Novatek’s Arctic LNG-2 project with Novatek’s boss in Moscow on Friday.

Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Kirsten Donovan

(note: LNG = liquid natural gas).

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