10 nation confederation

Merkel joins Macron in calling for a ‘real, true European army’

European Intervention Initiative: France and nine other potential participants (Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Estonia, and the United Kingdom). Finland?

Bog note: Ten Nation Confederacy of the Beast’s Kingdom (Rev. 13:1, 17:12, 17:13, 17:14, 17:16, 17:17). Throughout the book of Revelation, there are many references to ten (10) horns that represent ten (10) kings or nations making up a confederacy or coalition of the willing. The Bible indicates that they will have one mind and give their power and strength (political/military) to the Antichrist. Although these leaders are not kings, in return for their allegiance to the Antichrist’s system, they receive power as kings from the Antichrist for a short period (one hour). Lastly, the Bible says in Rev. 17:17, “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.” The military strength of this ten (10) nation confederacy will be unrivaled in the Western Hemisphere. Russia’s strength is decimated by the Gog/Magog battle. The United States strength is inconsequential because it is no longer in NATO or the Middle East, its political and leadership will is split and the Rapture/Harpazo of the Church has gutted the military and its leadership ranks. The beast’s/antichrist’s ten (10) nation confederacy has no military or political equal in the West.

The WEU (Western European Union) was the focus of much Bible prophecy speculation until its demise in 2011.  But it looks as if the old alliance is being reincarnated with eight members the same.  The only difference being that Macron’s European Intervention Initiative (EII) will have Denmark and Estonia while the WEU had Greece and Luxembourg: A ten nation military confederation is set to be launched by Emmanuel Macron in June 2018. End of Note.

Merkel joins Macron in calling for a ‘real, true European army’

Chancellor’s remarks come after Trump steps up attack on French leader over same idea

Jennifer Rankin in Brussels. Tue 13 Nov 2018 12.15 EST. The Guardian.

Angela Merkel has said EU leaders should one day consider “a real, true European army” shortly after Donald Trump ramped up a Twitter attack on Emmanuel Macron over the same idea. Speaking to the European parliament in Strasbourg, the German chancellor backed the bold step in European defence policy, as part of a speech extolling the need for EU cooperation in migration, climate change and counter-terrorism. “The times when we could rely on others is past,” she said.

To a mix of applause and jeers from Eurosceptic MEPs, she said: “We have to look at the vision of one day creating a real, true European army.” The chancellor said the idea would complement Nato, but gave no details on when the ambitious idea could become reality. Her words echoed those of the French president, who in an interview said Europe needed to better defend itself.

Trump took umbrage at what he saw as a call by Macron for a European army as protection against the US, conflating earlier comments from the French president on cyber threats. The US president escalated his attack on Tuesday with a number of insulting tweets.

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