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Women Were Publicly Shamed For Having Affairs

Blog note. Due to Facebook and social media today, the ‘playing field’ has been equalized for the sexes. No one has to wait a day in order to gather up everyone to witness and hear about the sordid details. The sordid details can be shared in a nano-second on social media with everyone over the entire world. The ‘rich and famous’ have the extra benefit today of having global communications (and the tabloids) available to them 365/24/7 to air out their affairs.

… and in those latter days, knowledge (technology) shall be increased. End of note.

Women Were Publicly Shamed For Having Affairs

No one likes to be cheated on, but it happens, even in Ancient Rome. If a man cheated on his wife, the wife couldn’t do anything about it but cry. However, if a woman cheated on her husband, she got the ultimate punishment.

According to some sources, the husband would lock up his wife with her lover. He’d then have about a day to call up everyone he could so that they could come to check out the guy she cheated with. Then, the husband made a public declaration about the affair, providing as many details as possible before he was legally obligated to divorce her.

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