Forgiveness and Salvation Through Jesus Christ

The Color Purple Was Absolutely Off Limits

Three-fold References to White:

  1. White Raiment. (Rev. 4:4). Twenty-four (24) Elders.
  2. White Robes. (4X). (Rev. 6:11, 7:9, 7:13 and 7:14). Tribulation Saints.
  3. White Linen. (3X). (Rev. 15:6, 19:8 and 19:14). Church Saints and Angels.

Commentary: White raiment is used to describe what the twenty-four 24 elders are wearing in God’s throne room. White robes are used to describe what the Tribulation Saints are given. White linen is used to describe the clothing of Church Saints and Angels. White is symbolic for righteousness. White Robes is referenced four (4) times, White Linen is reference three (3) times. Within these three verses are three references to white and three references to a form of clothing. This another double of a double (3+3) of three (3). The group of four (4) entities identified; 24 elders, Tribulation Saints, Church Saints and Angels all have the righteousness of Christ and participate in his government in heaven and on earth.

Heavenly citizens are clothed in white, not purple or scarlet. White represents our status before Christ as a result of his forgiveness our sins, through the shedding of his blood and his resurrection. Our status in Christ is a gift, beyond measure, calculation or stature!

Purple/Scarlet is for royalty of the earth. White is for citizens of heaven.

The Color Purple Was Absolutely Off Limits

In history, purple was often reserved for royalty and those in higher classes, and it was no different in Ancient Roman society. Emperors of the Roman Empire often donned purple-colored togas and such, but they wouldn’t let anyone else wear it.

It was so serious that it was made into a law and is one of the “sumptuary laws” of the time, which prevented lower-classes from making extravagant displays of wealth. These laws were in place so that Romans could know someone’s social standing just by looking at them, and they didn’t want to waste time being polite to a peasant.

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