10 nation confederation

Rome Wasn’t As Great As It Seemed

Blog note. The ten nation confederation (military/political) that will support the beast/antichrist is widely understood to be member countries that are represented in a ‘revived’ Roman Empire, during the Tribulation. I have blogged extensively in previous posts about the ‘revived’ military/political confederacy from this region. Most of the countries from the ancient Roman Empire comprise those countries we identify today as being in the European Union. As I write this blog posting, many European countries that participate in the NATO alliance are gathering or uniting their military forces to oppose what they see as a Russian military threat. Not all countries in NATO are part of the European Union. However, the main or major countries with the most political and military clout are in the E.U. At some point in the near future, the Bible clearly references these powers as coming together (as “one mind”) to act in unison as the military and political muscle of the beast/antichrist. I have also written as to how this will come to pass, both politically and militarily. End of blog.

Rome Wasn’t As Great As It Seemed

For how much we are taught about the Roman Empire, it makes it seem like it was pretty vast. You’d be surprised to learn, however, that it really wasn’t. The Roman Empire was only the 28th largest empire in the world’s history.

Not only that, the Roman Empire only accounted for just 12% of the world’s population at its peak! So in actuality, the Roman Empire was quite small, but that certainly doesn’t take away from how much they’ve contributed to history. After all, they did last for centuries despite their small size in comparison to the rest of the world.

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