Gender Confusion and Reassignment

Ancient Romans Were Ahead Of Their Time? – One of the first recorded instances of ‘Gender Reassignment’

Blog note. Perhaps this was one of the first recorded instances of ‘gender reassignment’? Does this ancient historical snippet read like something we see today? Were the ancient Romans really ahead of their time? And/Or, is the ‘modern’ world really that far behind the times? An ancient example of child sex abuse by the ‘powerful’ of the times? Today, do we have any examples, around the world, of child sex abuse by ‘powerful’ men? (Catholic Clergy). Not much has changed since Roman Times. Same sins then, same sins now.  There is nothing new under the sun. End of note.

Blog note. Perhaps it is coincidental, but take a close look at the picture above. Notice anything strangely familiar? I believe that is an active volcano in the background! Do we have any? (many!) instances of active volcanoes today around the world? Yeah, its just probably a creative coincidence that the artist decided to include an active volcano in his picture. A strange ‘sign of the times’ (sound familiar). End of note.

Ancient Romans Were Ahead Of Their Time

It may appear that folks of the Roman Empire hardly batted an eye towards same-sex marriage. Emperor Nero who reigned for 13 years during the Roman Empire, married two men during his reign.

During the Saturnalia, Nero married Pythagoras, a freedman under his rule. Nero acted as the wife in the ceremony during this marriage. Of course, Nero did marry some women, but after horribly murdering one of them, he took a young boy named Sporus as his new wife. He even had Sporus castrated to make him more womanlike.

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