Parliament of the World’s Religions (Mystery Religion Babylon) 2018 media highlights

Blog note: This is to world religion as what the United Nations are to world government. This falls into the category of ‘mystery religion’ or ‘mystery religion babylon’ as described in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. I wonder how much ‘air time’ will be given to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. This conference or parliament sounds like the worlds’ concept of religion (and not what is offered in the Bible).

On the agenda is ‘inclusion’, ‘love’, ‘spiritual evolution’, ‘mother earth’, ‘interfaith’, ‘womens’ dignity’, ‘worlds’ wisdom,’ ‘traditions’, ‘climate action,’ ‘care for the earth’, ‘our responsibility’, ‘music’, ‘advancing change,’ ‘judgement, peace and sustainability.’ ‘peace and love’, ‘youth voices’.

This sounds like something the Pope would give the world. A wonderful and socially-politically-correct list of social goals and objectives that the world can solve through sheer will, agreement, understanding and harmony. Uhhhhh, wait a minute… nothing about sin, nothing about salvation, nothing about the forgiveness of sins, nothing about the gospel of Jesus Christ, nothing about the cross or the resurrection, nothing about mankind’s need for Christ, nothing about the power of Christ being able to change evil men’s hearts and minds.  The agenda list sounds a lot like a humanistic manifesto, come together for ‘warm fuzzies’, mother earth worship, self-righteousness, self-determination and promoting the worlds’ wisdom. Yeah, that has worked out real well in the past! (NOT!!!). So as to be all inclusive, they are giving everyone a voice at the table of humanism. Good luck. I hope this works out for them. In the event that it doesn’t work, I would lovingly suggest that they give Jesus Christ a seat at the table and see what he has to say about their efforts and of the world’s religions, traditions and wisdom. I would offer that their new perspective on their condition would change dramatically compared to what will be distributed at this parliament or conference of mystery religion. I hope that I am wrong and that Christ will be spoken of along with his offer of forgiveness. The mystery religion offered at this conference sounds more like a social, political, ecological, feminist, youth movement. You have the right to agree or disagree with me. I’m not forcing my opinion on anyone. Decide for yourself. That is how I see it …. The Night Watchman. End of note.

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Parliament of the World’s Religions 2018 media highlights

October 31, 2018

The Parliament of the World’s Religions, the largest global interfaith gathering, will be held in Toronto from November 1 – 7 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The gathering will welcome close to 10,000 delegates from 80 countries, representing nearly 200 religious, spiritual, and Indigenous traditions.

Some of the high-profile presenters speaking at this year’s Parliament include:

Canadian author, Margaret Atwood

General Romeo Dellaire, Founder of the Romeo Dellaire Child Soldiers Initiative

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

The Honourable Bob Rae, Former Premier of Ontario

For the complete schedule of speakers, please visit

The Parliament invites media to tune-in via Facebook live to the main stage of the 7th Parliament of the World’s Religions as luminaries from around the world and across the spheres of faith, government, activism, and the arts come together to explore, illuminate, and pose innovative solutions to the major issues of peace, justice and sustainability that animate the world’s largest and most diverse convening of the global interfaith movement.  In our 125th anniversary year, the Parliament will be broadcasting more than 30 hours of its most prestigious plenary and assembly events including:

The Opening Ceremony: The Promise of Inclusion and the Power of Love
November 1, 2018 – 6 p.m.

The Indigenous Peoples’ Assembly: The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity & Healing Our Mother Earth
November 2, 2018 – 9 a.m.

Plenary on Faith & Interfaith, From Grassroots to the Globe
November 2, 2018 – 8:30 p.m.

The Women’s Assembly: Women’s Dignity Across the World’s Wisdom Traditions & Society
November 3, 2018 – 9 a.m.

Plenary on Understanding
November 4, 2018 – 8:30 p.m.

The Climate Action Assembly: Care for Our Earth, Responsibility for Our Future
November 4th, 2018 – 9 a.m.

The Sacred Music Concert
November 4th, 2018 – 8:30 p.m.

The Justice Assembly: Advancing Concrete Change Toward a More Peaceful, Justice and Sustainable World
November 5, 2018 – 9 a.m.

Plenary on Reconciliation
November 5, 2018 – 8:30 p.m.

The War, Hate, and Violence Assembly: Peace and Love, Not War Hate and Violence
November 6, 2018 – 9 a.m.

Next Gen Assembly: Interfaith Has No Age, Youth Voices for Change
November 6, 2018 – 8:30 p.m.

The Closing Plenary: Change
November 7, 2018 – 9 a.m.

About Parliament of the World’s Religions

The Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

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