Five-fold Descriptions / Names of the Evil One:

Satanic Evil and Influence on Earth and of Men (5)

 Five (5) is an imperfect, uneven or ‘odd’ number. There are no multiples of other numbers that lead to five (5). The five (5) “I Will” statements of Lucifer (Isaiah 14:13-14) reflect his deception and boastful ego … or ‘PRIDE’ (pride is made up of five letters). Satan’s ‘PRIDE’ is manifest throughout Revelation, in a number of counterfeit entities that mimic what God, the Father, has done through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. John the Apostle’s Revelation of Jesus Christ, treats the dragon/serpent, Satan/Devil with the number five (5), to represent his characteristics, actions, behavior, power and influence over mankind and the nations. Five (5) is a number that is NOT divisible into any of God’s divine numbers.

Five-fold Descriptions / Names of the Evil One:

  1. *Lucifer. (Isaiah 14:13)
  2. dragon. (12X). (Rev. 12:3, 12:4, 12:7, 12:9, 12:13, 12:16, 12:17, 13:2, 13:4, 13:11, 16:13, 20:2)
  3. Satan. (7X). (Rev. 2:9, 2:13, 2:24, 3:9, 12:9, 20:2, 20:7)
  4. serpent. (4X). (Rev. 12:9, 12:14, 12:14, 20:2)
  5. D(d)evil. (5X). (Rev. 2:10, 12:9, 12:12, 20:2, 20:10) Three lowercase devil, two uppercase Devil. The distinction is important.

Commentary: There is a lot to comment on regarding these four words. There is even some hidden truth within these four words. When the term is capitalized, it refers to a name or title. Satan and Devil (capitalized twice) are the names of the evil one. dragon and devil (lower case, three times) are descriptive references to the evil one. D(d)evil is the only term that is used interchangeably as a name and also as a descriptive reference. God’s word is so precise, logical and mathematically arranged that even the use of capitalization and the sequencing of a name/description has meaning within meaning. In the use of the word D(d)evil; the first instance of it being used is in Rev. 2:10 and is not capitalized and is represented with a small ‘d’. Every following instance of this word alternates between the capital ‘D’ and the lowercase ‘d’, as such; d – D –d – D – d.  When referencing the evil one, the Word of God alternates, in exact sequence, to the name of the evil one and a description of the evil one. Amazing.

Notice that the descriptive term of dragon (lowercase) is mentioned twelve (12) times throughout the book of Revelation. In keeping with God’s consistency of mathematical perfection and meaning, twelve (12) refers to his divinely constituted organization either in heaven or on earth. Even in regards to the most evil of entities, God is in omnipotent control … even down to the level of how this entity is so named and described with mathematical and sequential perfection. Satan (uppercase) is used seven (7) times by the Holy Spirit. Once again, seven (7) denotes God’s divinely determined completeness as to his purpose or plan. Naming the evil one as a Satan (uppercase) occurs exactly seven (7) times in the book of Revelation, no more no less. This is the exact number times God’s chooses to use this word in naming the evil one, and underscores his divine purpose or plan in dealing with the evil one. When combining both the naming and descriptive references of Satan and D(d)evil, there are a total of twelve (12) combined uses of the these worlds (7+5=12). Twelve (12) refers to God’s divinely constituted organization either in heaven or on earth. This is entirely accurate since the evil one has access to heaven and earth, until such time as he is permanently removed from heavenly access and is cast down to earth at the midpoint of the Tribulation period.

*Lucifer; this evil one’s name is not found in the book of Revelation. The only time it appears in the Bible is in the description of the evil one’s fall from his lofty position in heaven (Isaiah 14:13). This angelic name was given to him before he was corrupted by his sin of Pride and desire “to be like the most high.” Once he was found to have the spirit of iniquity in him, he received two new names and two new descriptions. Now, he is the serpent and dragon, and is also called Satan/Devil. Numbers within numbers, truth within truth, meaning within meaning, layers upon layers. God’s wisdom, preciseness and mathematical accuracy keeps revealing itself, over and over and over to those who will look and attempt to understand his ways.

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