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UAE forecast to usher in ‘cashless society’ by 2020

Blog note. Revelation 13:17… And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. I have written extensively about how technology will play into the hands of the “beast” (antichrist) during the Tribulation. Biometric Scanning is the enabling technology that will validate and identify who an individual is, and the “mark, name, number” of the beast is the symbol or identification that this person is a “world citizen” of the beast’s system of control. ALL the major countries on the earth today will be implementing a biometric identification system in 2020. Previous blog articles I have provided, attest to this fact. The “cashless/digital” payment systems are developing right alongside biometric verifications systems. It is no coincidence that biometric scanning focuses on the eyes and fingerprints. The “mark, name or number” of the antichrist will be placed on the hand and on the forehead so biometric scanners can 100% positively identify the world citizen. The strongest warning in all of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is for men to NOT take the mark, number or name of the beast. End of note.

UAE forecast to usher in ‘cashless society’ by 2020

Arabian Business. Staff Writer.

UAE consumers, businesses, merchants, banks, forex exchanges, and even government service providers will be handling far less cash by 2020, according to digital payments service company Trriple. Annually, the UAE counts $230 billion in consumer payments to 170 government entities and more than 350,000 merchants, with cash accounting for more than 75 percent of all transactions.

But that number is set to plunge as demand increases for a wide range of payment services, from mobile wallets and mobile point-of-sale to electronic payments and global money transfers, the UAE-based start-up said in a statement. We are poised to usher in the ‘cashless society’ here in the UAE,” says Ahmed Fasih Akhtar, co-founder and CEO of Trriple, on the sidelines of the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.

“By 2020, the UAE will be realising an ‘anytime, anyplace’ approach to payments, a fascinating new dynamic that will allow for greater economic inclusion of the unbanked and under-banked across the country. We see strong nationwide demand for a multipurpose, cross-bank mobile wallet,” Akhtar added. Mobile wallet users can fund or ‘top-up’ their accounts in several ways – ATM machine; credit or debit cards; cash-in at certain locations; and direct debit service or funds transfer system. According to Cap Gemini’s World Payments Report 2014, mobile payments from 2011-2015 are expected to grow more than 60 percent to 47 billion transactions.

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