Four-fold Descriptions/Names of Mystery Religion Babylon:

Allness or Foursquareness in God’s

Symmetry and Balance (4)

 Foursquareness (fourfold in symmetry) is a term not commonly used in the English language. Digging into the term’s meaning and implications, one will find unique attributes to God’s creation, order and purpose of all things. A perfect, geometrical square is equal in its length, height, and depth. It’s design is very specific and on purpose. It is not designed in a random, odd, haphazard or unequal way. Symmetry has balance, structure and is of intelligent design and purpose. The object or subject being referenced to is made with forethought and not afterthought. It exists not by accident, but by plan. A perfect square is symmetrical enough that it will stand on its own and not fall over, or fail.  It is so balanced in design that it is equal and perfect, no matter from which angle or perspective you look at it. This is a somewhat long definition or description of foursquarenss, but I believe it represents an honest attempt to describe the intelligence behind God’s purpose of having something represented by ‘four’. Foursquareness is also a doubling of something (2×2). Or, two squared (for those with a mathematical point of view). A double of a double. Uniformity and reinforcement of strength is implied, another equal measure of purpose and intent, and a double representation of something for added significance or importance. I believe, this long definition, can be truthfully and accurately applied to anything referenced in the Bible as having a fourfold attribute from God’s creation.

Four (4) or foursquarness of balance and symmetry can also represents a doubling of a double or (2×2=4). Two (2) signifies God’s solid confirmation of a matter, doubling this suggest an added or extra measure of equal weight. Is there anyplace in Revelation that suggests this definition of doubling of a double is true? Revelation 18:6 states, “Reward her (Babylon) even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled to her double.” Notice that this description represents three (3) doubles of two (2). (3×2=6). Six (6) is the number of evil. Since she is the great whore and extremely evil, she will be repaid six (6) times the wrath.

Four-fold Descriptions/Names of Mystery Religion Babylon:

  1. Mystery Babylon. (Rev. 17:5)
  2. (6X). (Rev. 17:3, 17:4, 17:6, 17:7, 17:9, 17:18)
  3. (4X). (Rev. 17:1, 17:15, 17:16, 19:2)
  4. Mother of Harlots. (Rev. 17:5)

Commentary: Two terms are capitalized, meaning a name or title (Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots). Two terms are not capitalized, meaning they are descriptive references (woman, whore). The descriptive use of woman is used six (6) times which denotes imperfection (less than godly), something not normal, monstrous, evil. Throughout the book of Revelation, anything being referenced exactly six (6) times is extremely evil, at its essence. God uses the number six (6) expressly for the purpose of representing anything evil. Lastly, all four (4) terms combined are used a total of exactly twelve (12) times throughout the book of Revelation. Twelve (12) constitutes God’s divine organization as applied to either heaven or earth. The use of woman and whore (lowercase, descriptive terms) are used in total ten (10) times. In this instance, ten (10) denotes God’s allness or completeness in a physical way, as to things pertaining on earth. Through God’s wisdom and intent, the use of woman and whore completely describe the earthly abomination that has the name Mystery Babylon and Mother of Harlots. Mystery Religion Babylon A.K.A. Mother of Harlots seduces men into worshipping false idols, devils, false doctrines of false religions … anything and everything other than worshipping the true and rightful one, God and Jesus Christ. These terms have also been used when thinking about the actual city know as Babylon. However, the context in which these terms are used, specifically refers to the Mystery Religion of Babylon, and not the city directly. You will see elsewhere in this analysis, where names and descriptions are expressly used for the actual city of Babylon. Just as in the preceding analysis regarding the names/descriptions of the evil one, there are numbers within numbers, truth within truth, meaning within meaning, layers upon layers. God’s wisdom, preciseness and mathematical accuracy keeps revealing itself, over and over and over to those who will look and attempt to understand his ways. In a proverbial nutshell, the feminine use of whore, woman, harlot all suggest that the Mystery Religion of Babylon completely and totally lead men away from true worship, and lead men away from being made aware of their potential salvation and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ and the shedding of his blood. This has always been another one of Satan’s strategies over millennia, to do everything in his power to prevent mankind from ever learning about the salvation and forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers them.

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