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Video: Sophia the robot experiences Abu Dhabi

Blog note: ‘Sophia’ the robot was granted Saudi Arabian citizenship last year. See my prior blog article on this robotic development. Mohammed Bin Salman (Crown Price of Saudi Arabia) wants more robots than humans in NEOM (Babylon) the ‘Mega City’ that is under development. End of note.

Second note: I have written many blogs about how deceptive technology plays into the hands of the antichrist during the Tribulation and Great Tribulation. God has placed many verses in the Bible instructing man NOT to make any graven images. I have these listed in detail in one of my earlier blogs. The man-made image of the beast will be used to deceive many uneducated and non-tech savvy people around the world. Unless you are a tech geek (like me) you will not know these kinds of things exist and are being perfected, to be used by the ‘perfection of deception’ or the antichrist. By itself, the robot appears harmless, but what if it was made to look like the antichrist, speak like the antichrist, be as big as the antichrist … could non-discerning people be easily fooled. End of second note.

Video: Sophia the robot experiences Abu Dhabi

Mon 14 May 2018 10:56 AM GST

When Sophia the Robot takes her first flight with Etihad Airways, her destination is Abu Dhabi. Sophia is the most advanced A.I. and life-like robot, who can interact with and respond to humans.

However, Sophia is now keen to experience emotions and feelings. The perfect place is Abu Dhabi, but when she leaves her memory stick on board, Khalid Al Ameri sets off to find Sophia and help her succeed in her quest.

Will her thrilling experience at Yas Marina Circuit, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi or Yas Waterworld or help her discover excitement? Will she feel inspired by her visit to Louvre Abu Dhabi or Emirates Palace? Or perhaps she will finally feel peace and tranquility when she reaches the beautiful sand dunes of the Abu Dhabi desert.

And will Khalid ever catch up with Sophia? Follow their journey around Abu Dhabi’s exciting destinations, and discover whether Sophia reaches her ultimate goal…. to feel.

(Source: Etihad Airways YouTube channel)

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