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UAE’s Jumbo launches first 3D manufacturing ‘farm’ in Jebel Ali

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UAE’s Jumbo launches first 3D manufacturing ‘farm’ in Jebel Ali

Jumbo Group reveals plan to create community of entrepreneurs interested in 3D manufacturing in Dubai

Wed 10 Oct 2018 02:39 PM. Arabian Business.

UAE-based Jumbo Group on Wednesday announced the launch of a 3D manufacturing unit and its first 3D “farm”.The company unveiled a detailed 3D manufacturing strategy with the launch of Jumbo 3D Manufacturing and the first 3D facility in Jebel Ali Industrial Area. Jumbo Group has revealed a state-of-the-art facility with HP 3D Printing Solutions as well as several other 3D products aimed at dental, architectural and various other applications.

It said in a statement that the facility will pave the way for easy adoption of 3D printing technology for entrepreneurs in the UAE who are interested in launching business ventures with this technology but are limited due to the lack of financing, technical know-how, or business planning support. The facility also houses equipment for post processing, finishing and painting of finished products, it added.

Arvind Agrawal, head of Jumbo Group said: “Jumbo’s 3D Farm will not only serve as a proof of concept for early adopters but will also act as an initiative to develop a community of collaborating professionals involved in 3D manufacturing in the UAE. “We will shortly announce partnerships with several 3D printing bureaus who will be joining this community. The objective is to pool the knowledge, design capability, skills and resources to create an eco-system for faster adoption of 3D printing technology in the country.”

The new Jumbo 3D facility will offer a range of services including training, business consulting for young entrepreneurs, proof of concept development, product design assistance as well as financing options for developing a business around 3D manufacturing. In the coming months, Jumbo will expand its range of 3D printers to include the latest technologies for colour, metal and concrete to further enhance its leadership position in the 3D printing-based manufacturing in the region.  ​

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