Saudi govt appoints global advisory board to oversee mega-city Neom

Blog note. I have posted many previous blogs and third-party written articles about the rise of NEOM (Babylon) in Saudi Arabia. NEOM was specifically mentioned in this particular article, as it was alluded to since it is part of Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 plan to modernize Saudi Arabia. If you have not read any of my previous blogs or articles, NEOM is the world’s largest planned city (in terms of square miles or kilometers) in a corner of the country flanked by the Sea of Aqaba and the Red Sed. This visionary city or Babylon-in-the-desert is so grand in planned design that it can’t be described in just one article. Hence, I have included a detailed analysis in previous, sequential blogs. You can research this development yourself. The “great city” as described in the Bible’s book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ receives a very large portion of prophetic / eschatological attention. NEOM, in Saudi Arabia, meets every description of Babylon described in Revelation. It has seven mountains, it will accept all religions of the world, it has extreme wealth and technology, it is a world class city that will attract all nations, tribes, tongues, nationalities, it will feature a “delicious” lifestyle based on extremely attractive living conditions and wealth. Any reference to Jesus Christ is completely missing or absent. Proselytizing (attempts to convert someone from one religion to another) is strictly prohibited. The businessmen who trade with and help build NEOM will become fabulously wealthy. The world’s largest sovereign wealth/investment fund is being established ($2 Trillion) to fund NEOM’s launch and growth.  As previously stated, there is a wealth of evidence to support the startup and growth of NEOM as being the “fabled” city of the future as described in Revelation. When is all this supposed to start? Bin Salman has gone on record indicating 2020. That is a short sixteen (16) months away. If you have read some of my recent blogs, you will quickly recall that there are several other “ominous” events planned to be enforced worldwide in 2020 that coincide with the establishment of NEOM in Saudi Arabia. Babylon is NEOM, not Rome, not Vatican City, not Mecca. End of note.

Saudi govt appoints global advisory board to oversee mega-city Neom

The 18 members of the board come from a diverse range of backgrounds including urban planning, architecture, design, technology, sustainability, energy and manufacturing.

Wed 10 Oct 2018 09:46 AM. Arabian Business. Staff Writer.

The Saudi government has appointed a “global advisory board” for Neom, the kingdom’s $500 billion city of the future, it was announced on Tuesday. According to the state-run Saudi Press Agency, the board is composed of experts in a variety of sectors – including urban planning, architecture, design, technology, sustainability, energy and manufacturing – to provide industry insight, provide advice and help form strategic partnerships.

“We welcome the global and diverse expertise of the advisory board and are confident that each of them will make huge contributions to the development of Neom,” said Neom CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr “The advisory board will help shape Neom’s future through its detailed knowledge and connections with potential long-term strategic partners.” A total of 18 people were named as members of the advisory board. Among them are former Uber CEO and current City Storage Systems CEO Travis Kalanick, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, ABB Chairman Peter Voser and Andrew Liveris, the former CEO and chairman of the Dow Chemical Company.

According to Saudi authorities, additional members of the advisory board will be announced as they are appointed.

The full list of advisory board members:

Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator and co-chair of open AI

Marc Andreessen, co-founder and general partner of VC firm Andreesen Horowitz

Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO

Timothy Collins, vice chairman and CEO of Ripplewood Advisors

Alexandra Cousteau, senior advisor to Oceana

Dan Doctoroff, founder and CEO of Sidewalk Labs

Norman Robert Foster, founder and CEO of Foster + Partners

Jean Fréchet, a chemistry professor

Travis Kalanick, CEO of City Storage Systems

Neelie Kroes, a retired Dutch politician and vice-president of the European Commission

Andrew N. Liveris, former CEO and chairman of Dow Chemical Company

Ernest Moniz, founder of Energy Futures Initiative

Marc Raibert, a former Carnegie Mellon University professor and a founder of Boston Dynamics

Carlo Ratti, a professor of Urban Technologies and Planning, and director of SENSEable City Lab

John Rossant, founder and chairman of the New Cities Foundation

Masayoshi Son, a Japanese business magnate and chief executive officer of Japanese holding conglomerate SoftBank

Rob Speyer, Tishman Speyer president and chief executive officer

Peter Voser, chairman of ABB.

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