Please note: I have added many new prophecy related categories with new, emerging information!

Dear Blog  Readers,

Please note that I have added a number of “new” prophetic related categories with updated information! So much is happening, that it is becoming very difficult in keeping up with all the “signs” (The Great Convergence).

I have also started blogging excerpts from my forthcoming book; The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Hope and Warning for a Modern World. My publisher is Xulon Press and I am in the very last stage of approving the layout.

I feel blessed that with everyone’s busy schedule and demands on their time and life, that you are following and commenting on my blog posts!

Please let your friends or family know that there is a “one-stop” blog that covers most things of a prophetic nature. As most of you know, I place a short “blog note” at the top of each blog related to a specific Biblical passage or reference. I leave it up to the reader to make the connection between what the Bible says and what the “proof” is contained within the article. I also feel motivated and urged, from time to time, to provide articles and insights from other Christian writers that I believe is appropriate to our times. Be a “Berean” and watch/study these things yourself. Read your Bible and look up the verses that I reference. Use your God given intellect and discernment to decide for yourself about the signs Jesus talks about in Luke 21:11 and elsewhere throughout the Bible. The entire book of Revelation (of Jesus Christ) is about the prophetic future. I believe we are on the cusp of many of those things prophesied are coming to pass right in front of us. Do you have the understanding and discernment to understand? Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding.

As a Watchman-on-the-wall, my ministry is to “watch” and collect data and report it, as it relates to God’s prophetic words. Keep looking up, for out time is drawing nigh!

Luke 21:28… And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
In His Service,
The Night Watchman.

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