NEOM and Amaala: Saudi Arabia announces project to build ‘global’ tourism destination

Blog note. I have posted many previous blogs and third-party written articles about the rise of NEOM (Babylon) in Saudi Arabia. NEOM is part of Bin Salman’s Vision 2030 plan to modernize Saudi Arabia. If you have not read any of my previous blogs or articles, NEOM is the world’s largest planned city (in terms of square miles or kilometers) in a corner of the country flanked by the Sea of Aqaba and the Red Sea. This visionary city or Babylon-in-the-desert is so grand in planned design that it can’t be described in just one article. Hence, I have included a detailed analysis in previous, sequential blogs. You can research this development yourself. The “great city” as described in the Bible’s book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ receives a very large portion of prophetic / eschatological attention. NEOM, in Saudi Arabia, meets every description of Babylon described in Revelation. It has seven mountains, it will accept all religions of the world, it has extreme wealth and technology, it is a world class city that will attract all nations, tribes, tongues, nationalities, it will feature a “delicious” lifestyle based on extremely attractive living conditions and wealth. Any reference to Jesus Christ is completely missing or absent. Proselytizing (attempts to convert someone from one religion to another) is strictly prohibited. The businessmen who trade with and help build NEOM will become fabulously wealthy. The world’s largest sovereign wealth/investment fund is being established ($2 Trillion) to fund NEOM’s launch and growth.  As previously stated, there is a wealth of evidence to support the startup and growth of NEOM as being the “fabled” city of the future as described in Revelation. When is all this supposed to start? Bin Salman has gone on record indicating 2020. That is a short sixteen (16) months away. If you have read some of my recent blogs, you will quickly recall that there are several other “ominous” events planned to be enforced worldwide in 2020 that coincide with the establishment of NEOM in Saudi Arabia. Babylon is NEOM, not Rome, not Vatican City, not Mecca. End of note.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 / 4:04 PM

NEOM and Amaala: Saudi Arabia announces project to build ‘global’ tourism destination

DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) announced on Wednesday plans to turn a section of its northwestern coast into a magnet for international tourists, part of a broader push to diversify the economy away from oil.

“The new destination is a natural extension of the Mediterranean Sea, and dubbed the Riviera of the Middle East,” said the Saudi sovereign wealth fund in an emailed statement, detailing the tourism project called Amaala.

Amaala, alongside the previously announced NEOM, a 26,500 square kilometer (10,230 square mile) business zone under development in the northwest of the kingdom, is part of the giga-projects investment portfolio of PIF, the statement said.

It did not reveal the size of the investment or any time frame but said: “As the project progresses, attractive partnership and investment packages will be available for the private sector.” Amaala will feature hotels, private villas, retail and an academy of the arts, marinas and a yacht club, it said. The statement named Nicholas Naples as chief executive officer of the new development for which initial funding will be provided by PIF.

“Amaala represents a unique and transformational luxury experience,” Naples said in the statement, adding that it would include cultural, artistic, fashion and sports facilities “individually tailored for the ultra-luxury lifestyle”.

Projects like NEOM and Amaala are part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030, an effort to diversify the economy and wean the world’s top crude exporter off oil revenues.

Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Writing By Maha El Dahan; Editing by Gareth Jones

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