Cashless Transactions - Mark of the Beast

Mastercard, Expo 2020 team up to deliver ‘seamless’ visitor payments

Blog note. Revelation 13:17… And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. I have written extensively about how technology will play into the hands of the “beast” (antichrist) during the Tribulation. Biometric Scanning is the enabling technology that will validate and identify who an individual is, and the “mark, name, number” of the beast is the symbol or identification that this person is a “world citizen” of the beast’s system of control. ALL the major countries on the earth today will be implementing a biometric identification system in 2020. Previous blog articles I have provided, attest to this fact. The “cashless/digital” payment systems are developing right alongside biometric verifications systems. It is no coincidence that biometric scanning focuses on the eyes and fingerprints. The “mark, name or number” of the antichrist will be placed on the hand and on the forehead so biometric scanners can 100% positively identify the world citizen. The strongest warning in all of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is for men to NOT take the mark, number or name of the beast. End of note.

Mastercard, Expo 2020 team up to deliver ‘seamless’ visitor payments

By Bernd Debusmann Jr. Wed 26 Sep 2018 02:23 PM

US financial services corporation Mastercard has been named as the official payments technology partner of Expo 2020 Dubai with the aim of creating a “seamless” experience for visitors, the company and Expo officials said on Wednesday.

The announcement – which came during Mastercard’s Connecting Tomorrow event in Barcelona – was made by Girish Nanda, Mastercard’s general manager for the UAE and Oman, along with Mohammed Al Hashmi, Expo 2020 Dubai’s senior vice president for innovation and future technologies and Expo senior vice president Gillian Hamburger, who is responsible for partnerships, licensing and retail for the event.

Nanda said the ultimate aim is to create “a cashless payments experience which is seamless, which is simple, and which is safe, so that the visitor can focus on and enjoy the Expo

“Our own research shows that users are looking for new ways to pay. They’re optimistic about digital payments. They want the flexibility to pay with any device,” he added. “But equally important is the safety and security of personal information.”

Nanda said that as part of its partnership with Expo, Mastercard will be deploying technologies including augmented and virtual reality and face and fingerprint recognition, as well as wearable and contactless payment solutions and voice shopping.

Al Hashmi said that the partnership with Mastercard forms part of a larger effort to provide personalised experiences to the 25 million visitors expected at the event, an estimated 70 percent of whom are anticipated to come from outside the UAE.

“We are talking about what visitor expect to see there, physically and before even arriving,” he said. “We are talking about digital enablement, from the time a visitor wants to know more about Expo – what it is, how would he be able to get there, purchase a ticket, arrive in Dubai…book a hotel, transportation, knowing how to get into Expo, getting inside, finding his way around, what could be the interesting [pavilions] to visit, what to purchase, what to eat.”

“We need to personalise this,” he added. “We need to have those technologies that not only guide them, but actually suggest what to do next…it has to be that seamless.”

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