Three-fold Symbolic References to Israel being a Mother:

The Emphasis and Intensity of God (3)

 Three’s (3) Denote God’s emphasis and Intensity. Three scoops of ice cream are better than one or two scoops! If you want to impress upon someone, give them three scoops. That will be about as much as most people can handle. Emphasize three scoops of someone’s favorite flavor and that will wake up their taste buds … now that is intense! God uses three’s (3) to say what he means and to mean what he says.

Three-fold Symbolic References to Israel being a Mother:

  1. Giving birth to the Children of Israel. (Tribes of Israel). (3X). (Rev. 5:5, Rev. 7:4-8, Rev. 21:12).
  2. Giving birth to a Man. (Jesus Christ). (Rev. 12:5).
  3. Giving birth to a Child. (Christian Church). (3X). (Rev. 12:2, 12:4, 12:5).

Commentary: Israel is divinely credited with giving birth to its twelve (12) Tribes, to Jesus Christ (through the genetic line of David) and of the redeemed saints of Christianity through their Judaic spiritual heritage. (Child, Bride of Christ). The Children (Tribes) of Israel and the Child (Christian Church) are each given three references, denoting emphasis of their status as related to Israel. All three entities combined are given a total of seven (7) references, denoting God’s divinely determined completeness to his plan or purpose.

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