Gog/Magog Coalition Update

Two Israeli natural gas fields to start pumping in 2020

Why Would Gog/Magog Come Seeking Natural Gas Spoils in Israel?

Blog note. The following article has a direct implication towards the Gog/Magog alliance that comes against Israel to “take a great spoil” in Ezekiel 38-39. As stated in several of my earlier blog postings, massive amounts of natural gas (perhaps the largest natural gas fields ever found) have been found in Israeli territory. Israel has gone on record indicating that it would like to build a pipeline to Europe to provide it with natural gas. This would be a tremendous boom for the Israeli economy. This would become a trillion dollar cash flow, where one never existed before! Meanwhile, Europe is Russia’s number one customer and importer of natural gas. Russia is extremely dependent on natural gas exports to Europe to keep its shrinking economy propped up as best as can be.  Israel and her HUGE natural gas supplies threaten the monopoly that Russia has on Europe via natural gas supplies.

Currently, demand for natural gas supplies is forecasted (over the coming winters) to exceed the supply of natural gas that Russia and other smaller suppliers can sell to Europe. Russia is caught in a “catch 22”. They don’t have enough supply to keep up with forecasted European demand. They don’t have anywhere else to get and build up natural gas inventory. Conversely, the Israeli’s could undercut the Russians with their new natural gas pipeline to Europe, both by price and supply. In either case, Putin and the Russian economy would be in jeopardy. At some point, the Bible is clear that Gog of Magog will advance against Israel. The world will condemn the advancement against Israel thinking that the Gog/Magog alliance has come to “take great spoil” (in the form occupying Israeli natural gas fields). The other two main parties in this axis of evil (Turkey and Iran) will most likely be looking at the livestock and other produce that Israel exports to Europe. Turkey and Iran’s economies are falling faster than a millstone thrown in the ocean. It has become so bad in Iran that people are demonstrating in Tehran against the dictator regime because of Trump’s sanctions affecting the economy and people’s livelihoods.

Hypothetically, what could “trigger” Gog/Magog into thinking his alliance could come against Israel? One, an upcoming severely cold winter(s) in Europe could prompt him into coveting Israel’s natural gas supplies for his own. Putin has declared himself the world’s “energy czar.” Two, for some reason he has to think that there will be little to no resistance from anyone other than the Israeli’s. For some reason, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are said to just protest the alliance coming against Israel. There does not appear to be any military defense in place against the axis of evil (Gog/Magog alliance) other that what the Israelis can muster. The Gog/Magog alliance must believe that the land of Jacob would be “easy pickings.” Of course, God says otherwise in Ezekiel 38-39. End of blog note.

Question to the reader … What other “ominous” storm clouds or events have been revealed concerning 2020? (Hint: see my earlier blogs, notice the year indicated in the headline. The year is validated/confirmed by the third party writer. It is not a year set by me.)

Two Israeli natural gas fields to start pumping in 2020

Energy minister says development of Karish and Tanin deposits will lead to increased competition, lower gas prices

By Times of Israel Staff.  8 August 2017, 5:11 pm

The Energy Ministry officially presented its plan Tuesday for developing the Karish and Tanin natural gas fields, which sit alongside the larger Tamar and Leviathan deposits in Israel’s economic waters in the Mediterranean.

The development plan “shows [Israel’s ability] to keep to the schedule” of development,” Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said in a statement. Once the new fields are operational, “competition will increase and prices… will fall.”

The plan calls for Karish, or “shark,” to be developed first, followed by Tanin, or “crocodile,” if there is sufficient demand in the Israeli market. The two fields are believed to contain some 55 billion cubic meters of gas, which the development plan says will flow to Israel’s shores by 2020.

As part of the development plan, the Energy Ministry said, a floating production storage and offloading ship vessel will be placed 90 kilometers (56 miles) offshore, where the gas from the two fields will be treated, stored and prepared for export. In December, Israel approved the sale of the two fields to Greek firm Energean.

Prior to the sale agreement, Karish and Tanin had initially been allocated to a consortium grouping US firm Noble Energy and the Israeli group Delek, which already control the Tamar and Leviathan fields.

“We have decided to put an end to this monopoly situation,” Steinitz said at the time, explaining the consortium’s sale of exploitation rights in the two fields to Energean for $150 million (NIS 570 million).

Regulators have charged that the government’s original deal with Noble and Delek violated antitrust laws. In March, 2016, the High Court of Justice shot down the deal’s “stability clause,” which would have prevented the government from imposing regulatory changes, such as breaking up suspected monopolies, on the consortium for a full 10 years.

According to the minister, total production from the four fields would bring in $92 billion (NIS 350 billion), or “more than all the US aid granted over the years to Israel.”

Israel currently relies on a single working field, Tamar, and a single pipeline to shore from that field for a large part of its electricity production — a dependence that many security planners have pointed to as a potential strategic vulnerability in any future conflict. In February, Noble Energy announced it was pushing ahead with the development of Israel’s offshore Leviathan field, securing financing for the nearly $4 billion project and planning on bringing it online by 2019.

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