Cashless Transactions - Mark of the Beast

The Biometric ID – India’s Aadhaar

Blog note: This article provides technological proof and supports the prophecies in the Bible’s book of Revelation that a one world government and cashless, electronic financial transaction system will be implemented by a coming world leader. A digital surveillance technological infrastructure is part of the puzzle that enforces the future policy that no one will be able to buy or sell without a special “mark” or signature guaranteeing compliance and endorsement of the world leader and his government. Most verses in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ deal with the subjects concerning rampant evil, the world leader (antichrist) a false “prophet,” and one world government and an economic system that requires “approval” of people in order for them to buy and sell (financial transactions). The technology outlined in this article, along with many others that I have blogged about, are all coming together in a CONVERGENCE that will soon enable ALL of the prophecies in the Bible’s book of Revelation to come to pass. Connect the dots of technology, natural disasters and other current events with dots of Bible prophecy and you will notice (if you are awake) that both sets of dots are lining up. How long will it take until both sets of dots are perfectly aligned? I don’t know. That is not the point. The point is, if you believe this … what should your reaction be? (Hint: understand the gospel of Jesus Christ). End of note.

The Biometric ID – India’s Aadhaar

by James Corbett,, January 31, 2017

In last week’s report on India’s demonetization disaster I began to connect the dots between demonetization, the push for a cashless society, and the biometric identification schemes that will eventually tie everyone’s fingerprints, iris scans, and other identifying details to every transaction they ever make. Well, that game of “connect the dots” just became even easier to play. First, it was reported last week that a key panel advising the government on its implementation of the “digital payments ecosystem” (that is being pushed and funded by USAID) is now recommending that India links its national biometric ID database directly to tax returns.

And now comes word that India is “working on a biometrics-backed payment system that will be connected to a user’s unique ID number, or Aadhaar.” (Who could have seen that coming?) No, it doesn’t take a Nostradamus to understand where this is all heading: From the cashless society and the biometric ID grid to the cashless biometric grid. And we already know about the cashless society. Now it’s time to collect the data on the biometric ID grid. And let’s not be naive: As I’ve demonstrated before, this is a coordinated plan to institute a worldwide biometric id system to track every human on the planet.

But given how fast and furious these new biometric databases are coming online, no one person can possibly keep track of them all. That’s why I’m calling on Corbett Report members to help assemble this information. Like last year’s open source investigation into the War on Cash, this country-by-country guide will be updated with input from the Corbett Report community.

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