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“Knowledge Will Be Increased.” Global Communications

Blog Note. In the Bible’s book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, there are numerous verses and references to the deception of men on earth and ‘false’ miracles. Elsewhere in the Bible, God warns man not to make graven images of anything on heaven or on earth. This blog author has written previous articles on the use of technology in the deception of men. I addressed this issue in my upcoming book. Genetic manipulation, video and voice digitization, 3D manufacturing technology, CRISPR, artificial intelligence, biometric scanning, computer green screen imaging. Revelation 13:14 indicates, “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” Many peoples living in remote places, third world countries and other areas with limited education are not aware of the incredible advances that are taking place today in the technological areas mentioned above. During the Tribulation period, millions of these people will be easily fooled “deceived” by the false miracles created by these types of technologies. Merging several of these technologies together can easily create “an image of the beast” that can speak or act ‘alive.’ Any recent Hollywood block buster movie easily attests to the realistic imagery that can be created. End of note.

Knowledge will be increased.” (Daniel 12:4 )

Six Man-Made Technologies Used by Satan/Beast/False Prophet:

  1. Global Monitoring, Biometric Scanning.
  2. Genetic Manipulation, Sequencing, Splicing. (CRISPR).
  3. Global Communications.
  4. Digital-Cashless Electronic Financial Transactions and Processing.
  5. Globalized and interconnected, networked data warehousing and information technology systems.
  6. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Robotics, 3-D Manufacturing Technology.


  1. Global Communications.

Voice, video, data; 24/7/365. Anywhere and everywhere. Around the world, to your television or smart device. Instantly.Examples of satellite link technologies include satellite TV services. Satellite TV competes with cable or the terrestrial delivery of television broadcasts, whereas new satellite radio services are replacing land-based tower options in the delivery of automotive radio. A satellite link consists of two phases: the uplink, which delivers the original broadcast signals into space, and the downlink, which sends those signals to individual customers. Customers receive signals through the use of individual satellite dishes installed on properties. These may be of various sizes and may be installed either on a wall, on a roof or on the ground in proximity to the building.

Global communication technology is the easiest to understand because virtually everyone has access to it via smartphones, digital pads, laptops and other devices. You can get live satellite feeds (for a price) of just about any major sporting event on the planet. Access any of the major “news” networks and you will most likely witness a “Live and Breaking Now” story of one sort or another – from anything major going on in the world. The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East provide a good example. Anything that President Trump says or does is also under the global communication spotlight and microscope. Access to this kind of information 24/7/365 is so common place in Western Civilization that it is almost taken for granted now. For most people, global communications is ‘ho-hum’, nothing special. In the day and times of John the Apostle (and for thousands of years after), no one could have remotely thought of or considered these kinds of things. How can the world witness and marvel at the killing of the two supernatural witnesses who are prophesied to witness for Christ during the Tribulation? The world witnesses the death of God’s two special lampstands/prophets/witnesses and become so excited that they celebrate and buy each other gifts. How can this occur without the “miracle” (from the Apostle John’s perspective) of global communications? How can the spread of the Mystery Religion of Babylon be spread without global communications? How many people worldwide wait with baited breath waiting for the next announcement, communication or pontification from Pope Francis? The Pope’s message will even eventually make it to the remotest of areas in third world countries.

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