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“Knowledge Shall Be Increased.” Building a Lifelike Image Unto the Beast. Conclusion.

Blog Note. In the Bible’s book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, there are numerous verses and references to the deception of men on earth and ‘false’ miracles. Elsewhere in the Bible, God warns man not to make graven images of anything on heaven or on earth. This blog author has written previous articles on the use of technology in the deception of men. I addressed this issue in my upcoming book. Genetic manipulation, video and voice digitization, 3D manufacturing technology, CRISPR, artificial intelligence, biometric scanning, computer green screen imaging. Revelation 13:14 indicates, “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.” Many peoples living in remote places, third world countries and other areas with limited education are not aware of the incredible advances that are taking place today in the technological areas mentioned above. During the Tribulation period, millions of these people will be easily fooled “deceived” by the false miracles created by these types of technologies. Merging several of these technologies together can easily create “an image of the beast” that can speak or act ‘alive.’ Any recent Hollywood block buster movie easily attests to the realistic imagery that can be created. End of note.

Knowledge will be increased.” (Daniel 12:4 )

Six Man-Made Technologies Used by Satan/Beast/False Prophet:

  1. Global Monitoring, Biometric Scanning.
  2. Genetic Manipulation, Sequencing, Splicing. (CRISPR).
  3. Global Communications.
  4. Digital-Cashless Electronic Financial Transactions and Processing.
  5. Globalized and interconnected, networked data warehousing and information technology systems.
  6. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Robotics, 3-D Manufacturing Technology.


I believe there is a very compelling case of evidence that suggests most of the technology is in place today to create an “image” in the likeness of the beast.

Moveable, robotic, animatronic skeletal infrasture.


Exact 3D manufactured or modeled skin, facial and body likeness.


Digitized, voice-synthesized speech of the original.


Aritificial intelligence for “intelligent” speech and emotive patterns.

= An IMAGE made in the beast’s “likeness. “

“saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast … and he had power to give life unto the beast , that the image of the beast should both speak…” (Revelation 13:14-15). (Emphasis added).

Whether the image is in the form of a ten (10) foot, 3D manufactured replica of the beast, or of  a digital avatar or digitized replica (think green screen hollywood image) of the best that could be used in communications, everything needed to pull off these deceptions is converging. Even a life-like(“make an image of the beast”), robotic or animatronic machine that is exquisitely detailed with 3D rendered skin, artificial intelligence for speech and emotive reactions could conceivably deceive people who are not remotely familiar with these technologies.

The technologies indicated above are are already developed and are CONVERGING to enable men to make an extremely lifelike (false) image of the beast possible. 3D printing will enable evil men to make a lifelike replica or bobblehead of the beast. Coming soon to an online store near your computer or phone. “Is it Live or is it Memorex?” The un-educated and non-suspecting will never know. “Don’t leave home without it” – Mastercard? or the Mark/Name/Number of the Beast?

Folks, WAKE UP!!! Don’t mock or scoff this off. I have provided extensive amounts of evidence to support the eventual occurring of these things. Think of the billions of people in rural China, Africa, South America and Asia who have NEVER seen any of these things, let alone a “green-screened, digitized” Hollywood movie. You have to take a world-view position when considering these things. Most educated people in the West have been exposed to virtually all of these things, but haven’t considered them in a Biblical view. The uneducated and hidden peoples in third world countries and dictatorships do not have a worldview of technology, nor a biblical view, nor and educated view. They will be so easily deceived.

What is the point? The point is that we are indeed coming to end of the age of grace. Shortly, evil will run unrestrained and deceive the world’s billions of people. Will you be one of them? Will you put a graven image bobblehead doll of the beast/antichrist on the dashboard of your car? How about in your living room next to the HDTV digitized image of the beast? Will you worship this graven idol or image instead of the true God, Jesus Christ?  Don’t be deceived. Don’t take the mark/name/number of the beast to conduct transactions. Don’t believe what false images “say.” Don’t believe in the false miracles. Turn to Christ. Even if you are educated and know about and believe that these things are as I say, you still need Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and your salvation. You might think to yourself that you could never be “fooled” by something so silly as what I have shown. This could be true and perhaps you are too “smart” to be fooled. OK. You still need Christ to be saved from the coming Tribulation and Great Tribulation period where these great deceptions and false miracles will be a dime a dozen.

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