Chapter 32. Prophetic Correlation Does Not Imply Causation.

Most folks make a mental statistical mistake when generally talking about ‘end-times’ things. They get correlation and causation confused. When I talk with those uniformed about anything prophecy related, they quickly think and say, ‘Oh, you mean that when the August, 2017 solar eclipse takes place, then it’s the end of the world?” Or, ‘This Gog/Magog war thing, then it’s the end of the world?’ I am even asked what sign to look for that indicates the end of the world is happening. On and on it goes. Signs are signs. They are markers, must like road signs and highway exit signs. In and of themselves, they do nothing, except give us some indications and a in some cases a little information about where we are on the prophetic time clock. Some signs are for gentiles, some are for the Jews and Israel, some are for nations, some are for the entire world. Prophetic signs have to be taken into context with the subject surrounding the verse(s) in which the sign is contained. Signs are not usually provided without some contextual information about them. A sign does NOT imply causation. ‘What does that mean?’ It simply means that a sign does not cause anything to happen. Even a group of signs do not cause anything to happen. There is no individual sign or collective group of signs that cause anything to happen; they don’t cause the Rapture/Harpazo of the Church, they don’t cause the onset of the Tribulation, they don’t cause the formation of the beast’s ten (10) kingdom confederacy, they don’t cause the beast to pop onto the world scene, and they don’t cause the Great Day of the LORD to occur, etc. Time and time again, people generally think that signs cause other things to happen, and that is simply not the case. God causes and allows things to happen, signs don’t.

For lack of a better analogy, think of Biblical ‘signs’ as today’ electronic billboards on the sides of roads. They blink, are bright and try to get your attention for something the sponsor has say or convince you of. The difficulty comes in when the average person tries to discern what the Biblical ‘sign’ is saying, what it could mean or who it is intended for. In any case, almost one third of the Bible (I believe) is prophetic in nature. It gives us detailed information, general information and sometimes hints or clues about things that will happen in the future, at a God appointed time. The signs are in the Bible to help us follow along with God’s story of his interactions with mankind and to help us understand the need for salvation through Jesus Christ. The signs are also for the Jewish people concerning their unique relationship with the God of Abraham.

In many cases, ‘signs’ are a wake-up call of sorts. They are like an alarm clock that goes off suggesting that it’s time for something. Either something to do, or something to pay attention to, etc. It is also like that alert you get on your smartphone to remember an appointment on your calendar. Again, Biblical ‘signs’ don’t cause anything to happen. They don’t cause the world to end, or suggest anything similar. Each sign is uniquely different. HOWEVER, when taken together, they suggest a ‘season’ or general period of time. Today, most astute Eschatologists agree that many ‘signs’ have CONVERGED. This means that many prophetic signs are all occurring at once. This has never happened before. We just don’t see a ‘one-sie or two-sie’ of signs. But a tremendous number of sings occurring almost all at once, or very consecutively. Some prophecies have even come to pass in the last couple of years. 2018 is no different. Some astute people say that if you want to know where we are on God’s prophetic time clock, all we have to do is watch what is happening in Israel, Jerusalem and with the Jews. Collectively, they form the focus point of many of the prophecies in both the New and Old Testament. What does any of this have to do with Christians, Gentiles and the world? A lot! Like it or not, all of humanity is inter-connected, in one way or another. More so today than at any other period in history.

Biblical ‘signs’ don’t cause any prophecy to happen. Taken all together (CONVERGENCE), they indicate that we are in a unique period or ‘season’ prior to the Tribulation Period. The vast majority of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ has to do with the Tribulation Period. Other parts of the Bible describe a CONVERGENCE of prophesies concerning the period of time or ‘season’ that precedes the Great Tribulation.

Rain, sunshine, good soil and seed all cause flowers and plants to grow. There is a direct causation between the four ingredients that make for a plant. A farmer can’t cause a plant to grow without any of the four ingredients. This is simple enough to understand. Notice, it takes much more than just one ingredient to cause a plant to grow, all four have to be present. Now consider a harvesting tractor, such as one used to harvest corn. Harvesting tractors go hand-in-hand with corn, a sightseer driving by a farm only sees a harvesting tractor in or near a corn field. A harvesting tractor is usually only seen in the fall when the corn is ready to be harvested. So, what does this do with having to grow corn? The answer is … absolutely nothing. And that is the point, the harvesting tractor is correlated to corn. It does not cause the corn to grow, the rain, sun, good soil and planted seed cause the corn to grow. The harvesting tractor can be thought of a sign that harvesting season is here (or coming very soon). The tractor would not be out in the field, fueled up and ready to go if it were not time to harvest. Thus, the harvesting tractor is correlated to corn. It is a sign that the harvest is very soon. The harvesting tractor does not cause the harvest. The tractor just sits in the field until the owner of the tractor and field decides it is time to harvest because the field is full and ripe for harvest. Some things cause something to happen, other things are just signs of the times or season. Does this sound strangely familiar?

Keep in mind that the following event and occurrences are not causes of the Rapture/Harpazo of the Church (Bride of Christ), the start of the Tribulation or the second coming of Christ (The Great Day of the Lord). All of the following events are correlated to the start of end times (a general, all-inclusive term). None of these signs or events will cause the Rapture, or the Tribulation or the second coming of Christ. However, they are extremely important concerning what we are told to watch for. The following correlated events or signs are just a few of those things Christ admonishes us to watch for.

… “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28). It appears that the fall harvest season is getting ‘long-in-the-tooth’ and harvesting is imminent.

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