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German Catholics accused of ‘stonewalling’ by child abuse victims

German Catholics accused of ‘stonewalling’ by child abuse victims Frank ZELLER. AFP•March 14, 2019 Berlin (AFP) – Germany’s under-fire Catholic Church admitted Thursday it must urgently confront its child sex abuse scandal, but victims accused it of continued “stonewalling”, especially on compensation. As in Australia, Chile, France, Ireland […]

Pope’s Christmas wish: World fraternity despite differences. No mention of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ‘Feel Good’ theology promoted and political solutions encouraged. Mystery Religion of the ‘end times’ unfolding before our eyes. Part 1.

Blog note. Since this is the first blog I have written since Christmas, my hope is that you had a wonderful Christmas and experienced the joy, hope and peace that Christ offered in his birth over 2,000 years ago. The Miracle of Christmas that came to earth so […]