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Cdl. Zen: Vatican is helping China’s Communist govt. ‘annihilate’ underground Church. The fruit of the false prophet rottens further.

Blog note: “Fruit of the Spirit.” The manifestations of compromising with evil (Communist Chinese Dictatorship) and signing covenants and agreements with hell. The agreement was to bolster the Pope’s political standing with world leaders and did NOTHING to help the true, underground Christian Church. The is agreement with […]

More than 80,000 Yemeni children may have died from hunger, aid group says. At the hands of the beast’s Saudi-lead coalition.

Blog note: Is MbS the beast to blame for killing 85,000 children, 57,000 adults and putting an additional 14 million people at severe risk of famine? Currently, the crisis initiated and unleashed by Mohammed Bin Salman is the world’s greatest and most urgent humanitarian crises. End of note. […]