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How does a despotic leader like Hitler … or MbS come to power? What role does ‘charisma’ come into play? What role does ‘evil influence’ come into play?

In Mohammed Bin Salman’s kingdom, Saudis will see what despotism is really like The ruler in the new kingdom will be the embodiment of the state, and citizens will lose every voice they once had,whether traditional or modern Basheer Nafi. Tuesday 9 January 2018. The Middleeast Eye. For […]

Defending stance on Khashoggi killing, US president suggests that without Washington’s ‘strong ally’ Riyadh, Israel would be forced ‘to leave’ region’

Blog note: It can’t be any more obvious why the ‘confirmer’ would confirm/agree/validate/support a covenant/agreement of “peace and security” among many in the region. Mohammed bin Salman has absolutely NO reason not to support the coming ‘deal of the century’that has reportedly been drafted in favor towards Israel. […]