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Saudi telco, Cisco sign agreement to develop 5G networks. To give rise to a new breed of service. To transform how people use technology. To build a framework for threat intelligence. To enslave men digitally in ‘buying and selling.’ Don’t take the biometric mark, number or name of the beast. Don’t do it!!! I can’t be any clearer.

Saudi telco, Cisco sign agreement to develop 5G networks Saudi Telecom Company will work with tech giant to deliver ‘inclusive broadband’ Arabian Business. February 28, 2019. Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Cisco have announced they have signed an agreement and intend to collaborate on the development of 5G […]

Prophecy in Pictures: Jewish 3rd Temple caught in video as a ‘poker chip’ in the high stakes game of the ‘deal of the century.’ God says sudden destruction will come when in the last days, they are saying ‘peace, safety or security.’ I believe God is also revealing the ‘son of perdition,’ and ‘he that confirms the covenant for seven years’ and the ‘prince that will come against the city and temple.’ We will know perhaps sometime in April, 2019. Prophecy coming true before our eyes in this last generation of witnessing the Fig Tree. How close are we to our redemption? Nano-seconds must remain.