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The Coincidences of NEOM Babylon: Chapter 26. The Coincidence of Great Wealth and Riches.

Seven-fold Luxuries of Babylon City: Luxury metals and stones (fine gold, silver, precious stones, pearls). (Rev. 18:12) Luxury clothing (fine linens, silks, color dyes). (Rev. 18:12) Luxury building materials (precious woods, ivory, brass, iron, marble). (Rev. 18:12) Luxury produce (exquisite herbs, fragrances, ointments, wine, oil, flour, wheat). (Rev. […]

Modern Day – NEOM Babylon: Chapter 18. NEOM Babylon, Introduction – Phoenix Rising in the Land of Shur.

Promise of Location. Promise of Scope. Promise of a ‘Great City’. Promise of Attraction & Appeal. Promise of Mystery Religion Co-Existence. Introduction: Thursday, 26 October, 2017, The Promise of a ‘Great City’ in the Desert and Mountains of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Future Megacity ‘NEOM’ Will Be Listed Publicly, Crown […]