Hope … in today’s hopeless world

Hopelessness in today’s world? Wars, rumors of wars, threats of war, fake news, pestilences, zika virus, black plague, category 5 or 6 hurricanes, devastating earthquakes, great rains and flooding, extreme political division, lawlessness, opioid crisis and epidemic, heroin crisis, abortions, anger, hatred, sharia law, worldwide extreme record setting […]

Chapter 47. The Great CONVERGENCE of Biblical Signs and Prophetic Summary.

  Event Date Description Prophetic Ref. Biblical Ref. False Prophet speaks Many – Past Present Future Lies, deception, false doctrine, false worship, idol worship, coalesces world religions, power, influence, wealth, government, secular alliances, cover ups, denials, Mystery Religion Babylon Rev. 13:11-17 U.S. Total Solar Eclipse 08/21/2017 Total solar […]