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Today’s Technology Was Foretold in the Bible. I have written about this … and blogged about this for over two years. The ‘age of grace’ is quickly coming to a close before the onset of the Tribulation and Great Tribulation. Are you ready for your redemption? It is coming soon. Excellent video.

Today’s Technology Was Foretold in the Bible PNW. February 21, 2019 Did you know that the Bible is just filled with technology? [Technology, from the Greek tekhnologia] The Bible records that since the most ancient of times, humanity has practically applied their knowledge to fix their problems and […]

Next Gene-Edited Baby Due in Six Months, Scientist Says. Deja-vu all over again. Same Chinese scientist CRISPR’d another gene edited fetus that is about 12-14 weeks in development! How will the Chinese government react? How will the world react?

Note: As in the days of Noah. All flesh had become corrupted. Only Noah was perfect in his generations (genetics). Violence and lawlessness abounded. Men’s thoughts were of evil continuously. End of note. Next Gene-Edited Baby Due in Six Months, Scientist Says Futurism. January 22, 2019 Pandora’s Box […]

Saudi Arabia to begin building homes in futuristic city Neom (Babylon). Phase 1 will be completed by 2020 (There is that date again!). Neom means ‘new future.’

Blog note: NEOM (Babylon). The ‘Great City’. Built on ‘seven mountains’, the tallest of which is Mt. Sinai. Built near two seas and great shipping lanes. Built in the Beast’s kingdom. Built under the dictate of the Beast and protected by the Beast.  The ‘Great City’ which attracts […]